About the author

I am Rini Kapoor, the person typing on the other side of your screen. I have a keen interest in innovative technology, processes & decision making and have been on a quest to understand the world by means of research, data and analytics. I spend my time watching videos and reading about the evolution of business from a leadership & decision making point of view. In this blog you shall find analysis of different industries and trends along those lines. I am focused on tech-induced businesses but occasionally analyze non-tech ones too.

P.S: I work for Mondelez in a sales & marketing leadership role. My typical workday dives deep in multi-dimensional sales data collected across multiple modern trade accounts to find anomalies and new opportunities of growth & expansion.

A little bit about my educational background

I did my B.Tech and M.Tech in Chemical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD). I am also an MBA grad from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta.

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